An enquiry can be opened for a number of reasons, for example:

  • HM Revenue & Customs has noticed significant changes in your income level
  • A source of income appears to be missing from a tax return
  • Your tax return has been chosen for a random enquiry

An enquiry into your tax affairs may feel invasive, especially if an HM Revenue & Customs officer is probing your personal financial affairs.

The officer may only be seeking clarification of information contained in your tax return and answers can be readily provided.

At other times the officer may have more in-depth queries and will want to review all your papers for a particular year. These in-depth enquiries are time consuming and can be expensive.

Oakwoods’ policy is that enquiries will be dealt with promptly and effectively to ensure unnecessary costs are avoided.

HM Revenue & Customs is happy to deal with us in respect of most aspects of an enquiry and our experience and professional approach will help settle any enquiry as quickly as possible.